Gift Ideas & Pairings (NEW PRODUCTS!)

These gifts for bee lovers are for friends, family and acquaintances, so if you’re after a gift for someone that truly loves bees, we have the best bee gift list for you!

Trust us, they’ll be buzzing the moment they open one of these awesome gifts for bee lovers!

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Valentine's Day Gift Pack

This great Valentine's Day gift can be customized for either the man in your life or the woman in your life.  The package includes the soap of your choice, the beard butter in your choice of 1 of 3 scents, a large Intensive Repair stick & an 8 ounce infused honey of your choosing.  (For a lady, substitute any $9.00 product for the beard butter.) Included is the box & crinkle paper, which needs to be put together.

Please let us know your choices of scents & flavors via e-mail.  Orders need to be received by 2/10 for shipping.