Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my honey crystallize?
All honey crystallizes with the exception of Tupelo. We hope that you would consume your honey before it has a chance to crystallize!

Does crystallized honey need to be thrown out?
No! Gently heating your honey while stirring will re-liquefy it.

What is the shelf life of honey?
There is no expiration date for honey.

Does local honey help with allergies?
This is a homeopathic claim with no medical or scientific support. However, it is known that any honey taken routinely can increase your immune system.

What is honey?
Honey is honey, it’s that simple. A bottle of pure honey contains the natural sweet substance produced by honeybees from the nectar of plants.

Is it hard to keep a beehive?
It does take focus and preparation but you don’t need a lot of land (check with your town and your neighbors), you need to invest in some equipment, a water source (a birdbath will do), a good reference book and patience. The bees do 95% of the work.

What is infused honey?
We use a base of Alfalfa Honey from Wyoming because it is mild and doesn’t interfere with the flavor. We add all natural plant extracts in just the right amount to achieve the flavor. Unlike synthetic or imitation flavorings, our pure extracts let you experience and enjoy the full flavor of our honey. 

What’s a Weck Jar?
Weck Jars are German canning jars. The clips and rubber gaskets are for transport only. Once home remove the clips and the gasket and just use the glass top on your jar.

What size jars can I bring to a craft show for a discount?
All 8 oz, 12 oz and 24 oz jars are redeemable for a discount on your next purchase. There is no expiration date on jar returns.

What can I use my honey for besides tea?
Honey can be used in cooking, grilling, plain yogurt, iced tea, drizzled over salads, used on bagels, waffles and toast, in coffee, on ice cream, in plain cereal, in hot cereal, or a teaspoon or two in warm milk. Check our website for suggested recipes.