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Alfalfa Premium Honey

Alfalfa honey has a delicate taste. This light colored honey is not as sweet as most honey, but has a mild flavor with hints of spice. Due to its mild flavor, this honey is great paired with other ingredients or straight from the jar. Alfalfa honey is perfect for dressings and sauces, baked goods and tea. Alfalfa is the base for all our infused honeys. Available in all sizes including our new 1 pound salad dressing jar

Purple Star Thistle Artisanal Honey

Purple Star Thistle Honey is light to medium light in color, blooms in summer on the coast of Georgia, and is considered an intrusive weed by all but beekeepers. This honey reminds you of a pure maple syrup, and has an unusual but pleasant, sweet taste. It is unlike any other honey you will taste.  

Rainforest Premium Honey

Our Rainforest Honey is unsurpassed for richness and depth of taste among all honeys. Native bees store a rare honey using nectar from flowering rainforest trees, resulting in a complex sensation with a subtle aftertaste. Upon opening you will first notice a pleasant woodsy aroma, then taste a strong unique sweetness with spicy hints of exotic fruit. Available in all sizes including our new 1 pound salad dressing jar.

Sourwood Artisanal Honey

Sourwood Honey originates in the Appalachian mountains of Georgia. It has a flavor that is floral with light hints of baking spices. The honey's color ranges from pure white to light amber with a slightly pink tint and its texture is defined as a smooth but not overly sweet.  There is a definite aftertaste of anise to this honey. Hard to come by but worth the effort.